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In his own words

5th June


Alanis Morissette Interview

4th April

Great interview I Produced with Peter Crowley just after the attack on the World Trade Center.


Don’t beleive everything you read on the Internet

31st March


Joe Bretz’s Video Production Reel

29th March



Defining “Social Television”

24th January

Social TV, I wrote an article entitled “2014 Social TV Predictions,” which, I am happy to report, received great response, although I should have titled it, “2014 Battle of the Set Top Boxes!”

2014 Social Television Predictions

In my last article, I neglected to address any of the actual social … MORE

“Social TV” for 2014

8th January

Social-TV“Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.” T. S. Eliot

Quite a quote by the late great poet, also very true. Does it still remain true given the latest in Social Networking/Sharing? … MORE

Cutting the cord for Xmas?

20th December

Check out this great tool and decide what is the best choice for you and or a gift and save some money by cutting the cord!


The building blocks of OTT 2.0

9th January

We’ve talked about OTT 2.0 before, and today I’d like to break down this term to its main building blocks.

According to a recent study conducted in the US, a three person household will include 10-11 connected devices, including smartphones which are often used to browse social networks or TV … MORE

Google’s Entry into DVR Business?

17th June


I am obviously an “OTT” addict, with a 5-port HDMI switch for my Apple TV, Boxee, Western Digital, Roku and my Google TV! (Logitech version) – forgot to mention the Panasonic Smart TV!  (Limited and not much fun)

My go-to device is the GOOGLE TV … MORE

Everything On Demand – Your TV As the Marketplace